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Devotion for the Month:

     Could Jesus carry a tune?  I am increasingly curious about the humanity of Jesus.  I would guess that most Christians believe that Jesus had some limitations.  Not every person was healed when he visited the sick.  Not every person who heard his message believed.
Now I was thinking … could Jesus carry a tune? When did Jesus and his disciples sing?
With a little research, it appears that in the New Testament stories of Jesus, there is just one account of him singing.  After the meal, what we call “the Last Supper” or “communion,” in the Upper Room, they sang a HYMN and went to the Mount of Olives, where Jesus prayed in agony and the disciples fell asleep. Read Matthew 26:30-46.  Fell asleep?  Oh, my, the human story!  When will we wake up? We can always use a good song, but even more, we need Someone who can tune our …  hearts.  The one and only is … (if you ask me) … Jesus. 

Jim Ruberg, Pastor

Pastor Jon Warren

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Let God's Word Rule Our Hearts and Guide Our Footsteps

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